Homesick Abortions // Death March | Split 7" - 2013

by Homesick Abortions



Group Vocals on Human Resources by H//A + Jimmy Zepeda & Skinhead Rob (Death March)


released October 31, 2013

Recorded // Engineered by Freddy Zepeda - 1753 Recordings



all rights reserved
Track Name: Binary Code
The end of the world's not the end of the world

It's not a good morning, Perfection is boring, The end is about to begin

Chances are slender, A decent Contender, Will fill my warmth from within

This world that we live in, Where no fucks are given, Hollowing out empathy

Creative depleter, Sardonic demeanor, Lackluster epiphany

*I am not ok and I'm ok with that

A soft spoken ingrate, I'm in love with my hate, Self loathing narcissist

Arbitrator advice, so play fair and play nice, Candy coated catharsis

Your motives are showing, No bitching no moaning, A wolf in mentors clothes

Boisterous advert, God is a pervert, No choices left to be chose

*I am not ok and I'm ok with that.
Track Name: Human Resources
Every day I wake up to the same routine
We're cogs in the wheel of a secret machine
Expected to participate but never told why
Expendable, replaceable when something goes awry

Queen bee // Takes all
Drones were // Bred to fall

We love everything about you except your fucking mind
Break your back, pour your sweat but soon you shall find
What's yours is ours and what's ours is ours
Please call back during normal business hours

Queen bee // Takes all
Drones were // Bred to fall
Track Name: I Am My Own
Shut my mouth close my eyes I'll do as you say
I'm gonna live my own life all your way
You've got the knowledge so teach me the ways
Of being a brainless slave

I am my own!

Waste all my days to make you happy
Assimilate me into this mindless machine
Pocket change for all the hours I've given
And just like you I'm gonna go insane

I am my own!

Enough, enough, I'm sick of your lies
Your whole life has been one big disguise
You're a sucker and this feels all wrong
I'm not like you, a brainless automaton