H​/​/​A - The Art of Apathy LP | Obscene Records 2016

by Homesick Abortions



released May 1, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Freddy Zepeda at 1753 Echo Park.



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Love No War
Raped of emotion, never seen the color red
Crying doesn't exist when your loved ones are dead
Swallow down a handful of semi-plastic pills
Living a lie in black and white reverberates no thrills

In the end you'll understand
No love, no war
By the time the lights go out
No love, no war
Sacrifice what you believe
No love, no war
We're all dead and there's finally peace

Pray to your lord in his metal tie, bow down to what you know
Download your knowledge because your learning skills are slow
Inject the only reality that's come to exist
Just give in, lay down, there's no point in trying to resist

Robotic stability in exchange of hate and fear
We've got peace and love but gray reflects itself in the mirror
Mannequins walking around with no point to even live
Suck out my humanity to make sure I don't kill again
Track Name: Obsolete
Leave me alone, your bullshit isn't wanted
I'm good but I'm done, your position's obsolete

Take your opinion, shove it up your ass

Can't you see I don't care, blow it out your ass. Pick your own fucking scabs, your charm won't fucking last
Track Name: Scared
Insecure is all I see
I look at you and I see weak
Come and break my nose and bones
You need the proof, we all know


Act a wolf so you can hide
The fear you have deep inside
Cowardice reeks from your breath
I see you just like the rest

You're always talking shit, you never seem to quit
And when I look into your eyes, I'm no longer...
Track Name: Hugs & Drugs
White sugar on my brown sugar babe
Tasting you is never the same
Throbbing veins, pulsating lips
Collar bones, razor hips
Pleasure of the body, pleasure of the soul
Pleasure of the pain that's nine days old
Feeling free, let me be
In this fucked up world it's just you and me

Needles and dicks, both ejaculate
One gives you life, the other takes it away

Twisted bodies, skin and bone
Fucking all day when we're home alone
Quivering legs, twisted neck
Heaving chest, naked wreck
Shoot me up and suck me dry
Your love for me is getting me high
Feeling fine, you're so divine
Our fucked up love is going to shine

Pussy and pills, they're the same fucking thing
One fucks your dick the other fucks with your brain

So, what's the difference?
Track Name: Binary Code
The end of the world is not the end of the world

It's not a good morning, perfection is boring, the end is about to begin
Chances are slender, a decent contender, will fill my warmth from within
This world that we live in, where no fucks are given, is hollowing out empathy
Creative depleter, sardonic demeanor, lackluster epiphany

I am not ok, and I'm ok with that

A soft spoken ingrate, I'm in love with my hate, a self loathing narcissist
Arbitrary advice, so play fair and play nice, candy coated catharsis
Your motives are showing, no bitching no moaning, a wolf in mentors clothes
Boisterous advert, God is a pervert, no choices left to be chose
Track Name: Dead By Dawn
Evil terror through the night, I can't wait till the morning
Dead, dead, dead by dawn
Asleep for a hundred thousand years, I can smell all your fears
Dead, dead, dead by dawn

I don't think I will survive
More dead than alive
Masochistic pure delight
All night

Too late now, your body is mine
Ripping out your severed spine
Dead, dead, dead by dawn
Blood is pouring down the walls
I hear footsteps in the hall
Dead, dead, dead by dawn

Your resolve I will break
Going to make you quiver and shake
And before the dawn can shine
Your soul is mine
Track Name: Congested
Can't see straight
Or hear myself think
No control of my mind
I'm veering off course

My head is pounding
Can't take it anymore
I'm still losing my mind
I grit my teeth
Track Name: Production Recall feat. Skinhead Rob & Brad Logan
No safety, no comfort, risk of serious injury

Pull back and scream, pull back what now
Track Name: Happily Ever After
The pain caused by my indifferent heart
A prison of comfort is where I live
My apathy will comfort me
Don't forget when you forgive

Enjoy it all, while it lasts

We celebrate the folly of man
Indulging in the lies that we are fed
Our greatest feat is our greatest sin
We're just killing time till we are dead

Enjoy it all, while it lasts
It'll all, become the past

The world won't weep when we are gone
There is no reason there is no rhyme
Life's not as precious as we are told it is
The human race is a waste of time

Enjoy it all, while it lasts
It'll all, become the past
Enjoy it all while it fucking lasts
It'll all become the fucking past
Fuck fuck fuck fuck, end it all now, go
Track Name: Domestic Policy
Take a look around its obvious to see, its open season on all minorities
Economic sanctions not talking about iraq, on the streets in your homes we're under attack
you're a suspect & guilty based on concentric zone, what you wear, what you listen to, and even in your home. This fucking police state rages on, institutional racism/sexism it'll be here when we're gone

Is it my clothes? my body? the color of my skin?
Shot in the face phone in hand
Gunned down by the modern badged clan
Should I be a fucking suspect for walking down the street?
Where you going kid? Quick frisk between the feet.
This racial threat theory, a new order is a here.
A whole generation of bigotry and fear.

Oh hell to pay by mornings light, How we must reclaim our lives.
Oh hell to pay by mornings light, Will we survive?

Is it my clothes? my body? Am I showing too much skin?
A slut, a whore, your innuendo. define men at their core
Perceptions in the media you choose to ignore
The superficial standards in your grade book of sin
A doll on the shelf looking through the glass
Gender roles are nothing but a social construction
Follow protocol, smile, there is no discussion.

Their fear, Their Ignorance, Our Apathy. The domestic policy.
Track Name: Predators
I drifter with dark devils eyes and a sharks smile in disguise, ask yourself who is this stranger? People are dropping like flies, the body's are piling up high, ask yourself is this what you want?

We live in a dog eat dog world
There's no hiding in these tones
And for what?

The vast snow lands are painting with blood, scattered remains across the highway, ask yourself what the heck does this mean? For a little bit of money put up and fight, chip away at your body all night, ask yourself was it worth it in the end?

Only a fool thinks he can solve the worlds problems